What To Expect at Your First Appointment

Our first and foremost priority is to get to know you and listen to your concerns and wishes. Our team is committed to optimal dental care that starts with knowing you.

An experienced administrative team member will help to determine your needs and schedule your initial exam with our clinical team. Adults will be scheduled with Dr. Jeff or Dr. Trent Paffenroth for their initial exam. Minors will see one of our qualified team members for their initial appointment, and also be examined by one of our dentists.

When you arrive, you will receive a warm greeting and be checked-in by our team. Our clinical team will thoroughly review your medical and dental history. Initially, we start our adult new patients with one of our Hygienists. The Hygienist will give you a tour of the office to make you feel comfortable. She will then assess your gums and determine the type of dental cleaning you need. She will do the cleaning and one of our Doctors will come in to meet you and just do a cursory look in your mouth. This is not an exam and will not be charged out as such. We are a comprehensive dental office so a quick look does not gather the information that we require for our new patients. We will then take necessary digital x-rays to enable us to do a complete diagnosis.

Minors will receive their teeth cleaning, a complete exam with a fluoride treatment and necessary films at their initial appointment. We recommended that parents schedule their child’s first visit between the age of 3 and 4 years. Children will also enjoy having their photo done at their initial appointment and a prize when they are done!

What makes Westhill Dental a Comprehensive Dental office? We pride ourselves on being more than a regular general dental office. Most importantly, our Doctors do not just treat teeth. This means we focus on the whole head, neck, facial muscles, mouth and teeth as a functioning unit. They are all tied together and work with each other in how we swallow, chew and even speak.

Pankey Institute and Dawson Academy

Today’s dentistry is about more than an aesthetic smile. It’s about predictable, long-lasting dentistry that fulfills the objectives of health, function, aesthetics, and comfort in a way that is appreciated by the patient. With today’s technological changes, growing patient expectations, the complexity of doing comprehensive restoration and smile design, Dr. Jeff has continued his education far beyond the norm for dentists in the Fox Valley. His desire to grow in skills and confidence and to belong to a community of dentists who also aspire to achieve dental excellence led him to the Pankey Institute in Florida. Dr. Jeff has completed all 5 levels of Continuum. He has also taken courses with the Dawson Academy. Dr. Trent will head to the Pankey Institute soon to start his continuum training too!

Our Comprehensive Dental Offices

Our patients can see the difference being treated comprehensively! Here are things we hear all the time…

  • My teeth have never felt better!
  • My jaw does not hurt anymore.
  • I sleep better with my Night guard and can’t imagine sleeping without it.
  • Loving the look of my smile!
  • I don’t have the headaches I used to get all the time.
  • My gums don’t bleed when I floss like they used to!
  • I have not needed any dental work in a long, long time!
  • No other Dentist has ever examined my teeth or taken the time to be so thorough!
  • I am so glad I found this office!

We are not a high production based office. We are relationship based with fewer patients, but a more intimate relationship between patient and provider. In other words, we get to know you! This is an important part of a comprehensive dental office. We want to know about your subtle changes in your bite, your teeth, muscles and joints.

Where Do We Start?

We start off our Comprehensive Exams with any necessary x-rays, and individual photos of each tooth. Then measurements are taken for your jaw relations. In other words, we are getting a base line look at how your jaw is currently functioning. We look for cavities and an Oral Cancer exam is done as well. This is not just a visual exam, but done with palpation of the face, neck, chin and back of head.

Next, we set up a consultation appointment. At this appointment, all of our findings will be discussed with you. You are important! These are your teeth and we will not perform any treatment until you are informed of your options. Dr. Jeff or Dr. Trent will go over your treatment options and help you set priorities. Of course, any infection, pain or emergency type of treatment moves to the front of the priority list. Secondly, we set up a list of any other treatment and set priorities with the patient.

Once we start treatment, our Dentists are very concerned with several things….

  • Comfort during the treatment – not only that you are numb for the procedure, but we want it to be as pleasant as possible while you are here. We offer movies, blankets, pillows and radio headphones and Nitrous Oxide.
  • The final result is perfect. The bite is checked numerous times to make sure there is no interferences between that tooth and the opposing tooth. Even a micron of difference is felt by your teeth. Your teeth are in bone and not concrete. If there are forces applied in a different direction, teeth can shift. If there are interferences, it can cause teeth to hit different and cause jaw pain. Having the bite be even and having no interferences in any direction is vital!
  • That the contact between the teeth next to it is tight enough to not get food stuck between it.
  • Margins or edges of the restoration are perfect – no gaps where bacteria can settle and cause problems years later!

We offer a variety of services for our patients that enable us to keep things done “in house”. With the amount of Continuing Education our Doctors take and our high tech equipment, we can offer Implants, one visit crowns (Cerec), 6 month smiles (limited braces), Night guards, Equilibrations – adjustments of the bite, Limited Periodontal surgery, Root Canal Therapy, Full Mouth reconstruction, Digital X-rays as well as general dentistry.

If you are ready for comprehensive dentistry and not just a run-of-the-mill dental office, we are the right practice for you!

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