At Westhill Dental, we invest in the latest dental technology to bring the Appleton and Fox Valley area the highest standard of care. We amaze our patients all the time with the newest updated technical equipment.

Our Dental technology here is top notch! We have:

  • CEREC CAD/CAM one visit restorations – This is a one visit crown – from start to finish in about 2 hours!
  • Soft tissue laser – some gum treatments can be performed non invasively.
  • Intraoral Cameras – this gives us a look in your mouth to take close up pictures. With this, we can see things not visible to the naked eye. The patient gets to see what the Dentist sees.
  • Digital X-Rays – this technology reduces the amount of radiation that the patient gets exposed to by 90 percent! We get to get a larger view of the x-ray which helps the Dentist too.
  • In Office Whitening – Zoom Bleaching is a favorite of our patients. Come in for one appointment and you are bleached whiter and get to take home touch up trays and bleach for the future.
  • CASEY Patient Education – videos for our patients to not only hear about potential treatment options but also see it!
  • DiagnoDENT fluorescent laser cavity detection – you may notice dark spots in the grooves of your teeth. Not necessarily are those cavities! We check to see if there is decay there or just some stain down in those narrow natural grooves in the teeth.
  • ViziLite oral cancer detection tool
  • Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaler – we use this to gently clean teeth. This not only removes tartar and stain, but also flushes out the tissues and kills bacteria.

Whatever way the tooth becomes infected, the pulp eventually dies, and over time, will cause a painful dental abscess within the surrounding jawbone.

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